Hi, I’m Nathan! 

Born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona, I picked up my first camera in high school just for fun and never put it down! I fell in love with the passion and creativity found in the medium, the expressive nature unique to photography, and I quickly knew that this is what I wanted to do.  

I began my photography career in sports, specifically shooting basketball games, and soon after began to shoot events as well. I began taking on bigger clients, including Nike, Jordan, Red Bull and The Basketball Hall of Fame, and as I was exposed to new and different forms of photography, I found that I enjoyed shooting weddings more than anything!

To me, weddings are the most exciting events. The celebratory atmosphere is unlike anything else, and it’s not something that can be replicated. It’s such a privilege to be able to capture all the love and emotions, the experiences and the connections, and everything wonderful and unique about your wedding. I think it’s incredibly important that your day is preserved in a way that lets you relive it for years to come!

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